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Alliance Wire Forming Tech Co., Limited.

Alliance Wire Forming Tech Co., Limited, one of spring & wire forming production line solution provider in China, focuses on high quality and affordable machinery solutions.

Alliance is the exclusive global distributor for

JY 10-12 axis camless wire formers 0.2-10.0mm,
DZ 3-6 axis cam spring machine 0.2-6.0mm.
XY 2,3,5,6 axis spring coiler 0.06-5.0mm,
XF 4 axis spring coiler 0.15-4.0mm,
SY 5 axis big spring coilers 1.0-25.0mm,
AG 6-11 axis 3D wire bending machine 1.8-12.0mm.
ZF bucket forming machine 0.5-12.0mm
ZD 2D wire bender & wire straightening ,ring coiler
ZS wire strip forming machine
ZH spring tempering furnace

VS spring testing machine

We’ve not only earned a reputation for innovative and affordable manufacturing solutions, but also for providing outstanding technical support and assistance to spring & wire forming manufacturer.