WB-2D206S 2.0-6.0mm 2 axis 2D CNC wire bending machine

WB-2D206S 2.0-6.0mm 2 axis 2D CNC wire bending machine

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Product Description

WB-2D206S 2.0-6.0mm 2 axis 2D CNC wire bending machine




Wire diameter

hard 2.0-4.0

Wire diameter

soft 3.0-6.0

Applicable wire

Round line, flat line, square line

axis number


Feeding wheel group number


Servo motor power


bending axis motor


feeding length


Wire feeding accuracy

300MM ±0.1mm

max frame length


Interface language

E / C


50 sets of data, 50 action groups

Electric voltage

3P/AC 380V Three-phase four-wire + grounding wire

Machine operating voltage


Machine size


Appearance dimension



1. It is made of long rods with high stability and high speed. It can be used to make flat-shaped wire bending of 600-900mm long rods.

2. The computer is turned on, the shutdown speed is fast, and the operation is simple and convenient. The computer interface can be changed while the production is speeding.

3. The imported high-speed motor and imported brand reducer are used in the configuration, and the production speed is more than double that of the domestic single-head molding machine.

4, bearing, gear and other important parts using imported brand accessories, warranty 8760 hours, the equipment is durable and reliable.

5, high precision, can do wire forming products within the range of 2.0-6.0mm wire diameter, the error is reduced to 0.1 mm

6. The matching use of the steel wire docking machine makes the machine's wire changing operation more convenient.

7, can be connected to the Internet, through the mobile phone or computer connected to WIFI to achieve remote control, after-sales service is more convenient.


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