Wire Pin Forming Machine WF-DK1

Wire Pin Forming Machine WF-DK1

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Product Description

Wire Pin Forming Machine WF-DK1


machine type


Wire type and corresponding wire diameter range

iron steel wire 0.5-1.5MM

Feed length


Feeding method

Double row of steamed buns

Motor brand and power

0.37KW 910rpm

Production speed


Machine weight


Machine size (length * width * height)


Wooden box size


Scope of application

Widely used in the manufacture of hardware accessories, handbag accessories, clothing accessories, electrical products, artificial jewelry, handicrafts, daily necessities, stationery, children's toys, auto parts and other industries.

Such as: 8 word buckle, D-shaped buckle, hoist buckle, square buckle, triangle buckle, 9-button buckle, sheep eye, carabiner, metal buckle, right angle buckle, bag buckle, pants rack steel buckle, S hook, double T-hook , suction cup hook, hanger hook, metal hook, glasses accessories, rack series, lighting series, hangers, wooden hangers, bamboo hangers, plastic hangers, suit hangers, shoe racks, CD racks, electric fan net cover series, wire mesh Blue series, screen, hanging chain, double hook chain, bead chain, protective chain, jewelry chain, hanging chain, return chain, lifting chain, decorative chain, shelf, bicycle basket, luggage hardware accessories, metal wire crafts, kitchen daily necessities, Bathroom wire basket rack, grape sprinkler, supermarket basket, supermarket shopping cart accessories, baby carriage accessories and other hardware products.

Maximum feature

The stepping motor feed is added, and the microcomputer control makes the feeding more precise.

Press roller feeding to avoid the phenomenon that the wire is scratched.

Suitable for products with high surface finish and precise wire length

Automatic feeding, cutting, forming, pushing, and uninterrupted production.

The operation is simple, the quality is stable, the goods are quick, and the production efficiency is high.

Four-speed shifting, easy to operate, easy to switch. According to the material of the workpiece to be processed, the line length, length, shape, select the appropriate speed

Easy to adjust, only need to change the mold to produce different products. Excellent materials, excellent workmanship, high comprehensive performance and long service life.