Wire Strip Forming Machine 10T

Wire Strip Forming Machine 10T

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Product Description

Wire Strip Forming Machine 10T


ltems Model WF-WS10T
Capacity Wire Diameter 0.1-1.0mm
Max.width of Strip 10mm
Thickness of Strip 0.04-0.5mm
Hardness of strip 80(CARBON)
Length of Feeding 150mm
Max.Forming Speed 250pcs/min
Tonnage Press Capacity 1.5 Tons
Slide Capacity 0.4Ton
Stroke Press Stroke 8mm
Slide Stroke 20mm
Machine Motor Rating 3HP/2.2KW
Machine Size(LxBxH) 1300*900*1800
Net Weight 700kg



1.gear transmission, high transmission efficiency and low power loss
2.Swing arm (one-way bearing) wire feeding mechanism , accurate length and convenient adjustment.
3.output setting and automatic control function.
4.used separately to do other buckle products are supported
5.advanced, stable, reliable, fast, high precision
6.Advanced, stable, reliable, fast, high degree of automation: straightening, cutting, forming, pressing, heading, protruding steps, fangs are all integrated, multiple actions are completed at one time, one machine can replace multi-machine operation. Fully reflected: high quality, high efficiency, saving manpower and so on.
7.Excellent materials, reasonable processing and heat treatment process, high comprehensive mechanical properties of its parts, long service life
1.heat-treated ductile iron big gear ,
2.heat treatment alloy cast iron guide rail, good wear resistance,The wire feeding wheel, straightening wheel and guide rail slider are made of high quality alloy steel and heat treated by vacuum. The hardness reaches HRC58~62, high strength and anti-wear.
3.quenched and tempered with high (medium) frequency tooth surface gear adopts 40Cr forging blank, Hardness up to hrc52-55
4.Shaft type adopts 40Cr steel and is tempered and its comprehensive performance is high.
8.hand-turning function,no damage to mould during the test, convenient to adjust and test the mold.
9. convenient lubrication, good effect.The hand pump supplies oil to each lubrication point, and it is convenient to add lubricating oil to avoid the workers' fear of trouble and no oil, which leads to accelerated wear of the parts